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Mission & Values

Our Mission

At White Whale Web Design, we have a passion for helping businesses reach their sales and marketing goals through the art and strategy of Marketing Strategy & Analytics, Website Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and PPC Advertising. As our client, you will have access to Google recognized and certified digital marketing experts, creative and dependable web development gurus and experienced SEO strategists whose only goal is to help you achieve yours.

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Our Values

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Transparency & Communication

Transparency and Communication are fundamental to our business and our purpose. We believe that all businesses deserve and have a right to viewing and owning their marketing data. That’s why our clients own their own Google Ads, Google Analytics and Social Media Accounts. We encourage our clients to ask questions about the marketing strategies we design for them and promote an open line of communication with every business we work with.

Honesty & Integrity

Marketing may be our specialty, but Honesty and Integrity are our foundation of everything we do. In a world where honesty and integrity are tested, we stand true to the values that our company was built on. We believe that telling the hard, sometimes dull truth is how businesses including ours grow and become successful. That’s why even if the truth may not be what you want to hear, we promise to tell it to you anyway.

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Innovation & Difference

At White Whale Web Design, we have a passion for pushing the limits of the status quo and the expectations of others; and we understand that in order to positively change the world we must first strive to be different. At White Whale Web Design, no idea is a bad idea and by thinking outside the box we create an atmosphere that promotes creativity and innovation.

Determination & Persistence

Every business is different and that means every project is a unique experience for us to better ourselves and push the limits of marketing strategies. We rely on our determination to find solutions to challenging requests and persistence to getting our clients the marketing results they deserve.

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Education & Guidence

We love to teach! That’s why we always try to find ways to help businesses owners better themselves and their marketing. We host workshops in select cities, and have developed the Marketing With Martin as an open network for businesses to seek guidance and education on the latest and great marketing strategies.

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