Custom Websites

Our Strategy

We believe that all great websites start with Strategy. We redefined strategic marketing to empower businesses and our custom-made websites for the future. Before we type even one line of code, we work with you to develop a strategy for how your new website will best serve your target audience and business needs, then we guide you through creating a growth plan so your website is optimized not only for today but is prepared to market the future of your business.

Website Development

Strategic Marketing means all of our websites are built for speed and growth. All of our custom websites are built in custom code without templates or content management systems to slow them down. All of our eCommerce websites are custom built using the Shopify platform, a global leader in fluid website develop platforms.


Over 50% of website traffic originates from mobile devices, from mobile phones to sophisticated tablets. To ensure your website has the ability to achieve success, we build all of our websites with mobile-first technology. Mobile-first technology ensures that your website will look beautiful and retain high-quality functionality on all devices.

AMP Technology

Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) Technology is a simply yet robust framework that makes website loading smooth and near instantaneous. AMP is created on User-First Technology meaning every component of the framework is developed with the end-user's experience in mind. We believe that AMP Technology is the future of website development and only those using it will have the ability to compete at a higher level. All of our websites, big and small are built with AMP Technology.

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Voice Optimization

With over 50% of consumers using voice search to find information on businesses in the last year, we believe that voice optimization is essential to growing a strong digital presence. We take website creation into the future by optimizing all of our websites for voice search by implementing voice friendly technology into our custom code and developing voice search action plans into your website growth strategy.

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Privacy Prepared

The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) are a set of regulations designed to protect the fundamental privacy rights of EU citizens (GPDR) and California citizens (CCPA). As of May 2018 all websites that conduct business in the European Union are required to meet GDPR and as of January 1, 2020 qualified businesses marketing to California must meet CCPA regulations. We believe that privacy is a human right, and not just a government mandate, so all of our websites are built to follow the guidelines of the GDPR and CCPA and protect the fundamental privacy rights of all internet users.

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Strategically Optimized

In addition to the steps we take to ensure all of our websites are custom developed, built with mobile-first technology, user-first technology, optimized for voice and structured for privacy, we also make sure your website has strategic on-page search engine optimization built in to the fundamentals of each web page. Through our keyword analysis, we make sure your website has structured data markup to speak directly to search engines and contains rich keywords that allow you to compete with your industry competitors.