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Our Purpose, Mission and Vision

Our purpose is to empower entrepreneurs and leaders to overcome marketing obstacles with innovative, authentic and transparent marketing solutions. We strive to fulfill our purpose by creating quality products, producing ethical data-driven results, providing purposeful educational tools while always respecting the needs of our clients, their vision and their unique purpose. We are committed to creating more enlightened, empowered and sustainable businesses and non-profit organizations while also creating a more sustainable planet and inclusive society.

Our Strategy

We are changing the way businesses grow. We didn't invent Strategic Marketing, we just re-defined the process so all businesses have the opportunity to reap the rewards of sustainable business growth. Our strategy lays the foundation for business owners and organizations to take charge of their marketing while having access to quality strategic services such as custom developed websites, dedicated website management, website growth and data-driven digital advertising.

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Our Qualifications

We believe that businesses deserve a higher standard when it comes to their marketing. That's why we hold 14 Marketing Certifications and counting! We are Google Certified in data analytics, business, YouTube and digital transformation. As for digital advertisement we are certified in digital sales, search, shopping, display, video and mobile. We are also SEMRush Digital Certified, Bing Accredited and hold Hubspot's Content Marketing Certification.

We renew all of our certifications every year to remain sharp and vigilant to improved marketing strategies and new opportunities to help our clients grow.

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Our Goals

We believe all businesses should create attainable goals that push the bounds of business efficiency and growth. We choose to be transparent about ours. Our 2020 goals include:

1. Provide in-house and affiliate services to businesses that fulfill our purpose as the Strategic Marketing Company.

2. Commit a minimum of $5,000 of pro bono marketing services to emerging entrepreneurs and organizations.

3. Exceed a 2% organic website lead rate via contact forms, calls, and messages.

4. Provide Strategic Marketing services to 10 emerging companies and non-profit organizations.

5. Provide at least 2% of all sales to environmentally focused organizations.

Our Leadership

White Whale Web Design is a private company founded and owned by Martin William Harvey. Entrepreneur, educator, author, speaker and marketing strategist, Martin discovered a need for a higher-quality marketing experience for small to medium sized businesses focused on strategy and growth in 2017. Martin opened White Whale Web Design in North Augusta, South Carolina on February 17, 2018 (International Whale Day) and Martin has been serving the marketing needs of small business owners, non-profit leaders, franchisees and educators ever since.

Martin believes in quality business growth through education. He currently creates articles & guides on the White Whale Web Design blog as well as videos and educational material on LinkedIn.

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Our Environmental Commitments

We believe that it is our responsibility as humans to ensure that our business does not negatively impact the environment or it's inhabitants. As a company we have the following environmental commitments:

1. Limit Carbon Footprint - we strive to only use the resources we need to meet our clients expectations and our brand quality standards. We choose to work remotely in home-based offices to limit our electricity usage, water usage and waste. This also allows us to work with our clients at their desired location in there comfort zone.

2. Save Trees - trees are crucial to the sustainability of our planet and the animals and humans that inhabit it. We are proud to be one of the first marketing companies in the United States that commits to being 100% paperless; we save trees by billing and invoicing digitally, creating digital reports and even using 100% recycled cotton for our business cards.

3. Support Others - we proudly support the environmentally focused organizations with a portion our sales every year and support local non-profits that believe in our vision of a more sustainable planet.

Our Affiliate Program

The White Whale Web Design Affiliate Program is a network of small businesses who believe in the same purpose as we do and are committed to providing quality products and services to the businesses we serve. The White Whale Web Design Affiliate Program provides us with an opportunity to diversify the resources we have on hand to accomplish the goals and purpose of our clients. Our Affiliate Program requires our partners to apply and interview for our network and must provide reviews, samples of work, maintain a least 4.0 Google & Facebook Review rating and be based in the United States of America to be considered.

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Frequantly Asked Questions

We do things a little differently at White White Whale Web Design including providing all of our terms and conditions on our website (bottom of this page) and encouraging businesses and organization leaders to ask us questions about the products or services we offer. In the spirit of transparency, we have created a guide to our top frequently asked questions for your reference.

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