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Paleo Num Yums

Aiken, South Carolina

Our Work:
- Custom eCommerce Website
- Organic Website Growth
- Website Management

The Project

Paleo Num Yums is a Meal Prep Service company locally owned in Martinez, Georgia. Paleo Num Yums specializes in delivering ready-made or near-ready-made meals that are created within the parameters of the Paleo Diet. Paleo Num Yums had a fast-growing customer base but needed to increase the customization and functionality of their website while giving it a clean-modern looking facelift. We created a clean, flexible and user-friendly website for the Paleo Num Yums team that fit both their ideal client’s personas and delivered all the customizable options Paleo Num Yums offers.

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Technical Results

The Paleo Num Yums website was developed with high quality clean code and with industry leading search engine optimization techniques. We tested the Paleo Num Yums website to ensure our design and developed product meets our high brand quality standards of at least 90% is all optimization tests and a load time in less than 1 second.