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5 Ways To Optimize Website Content

Published: April 15, 2018

Internal Content Creation is the process of business defining, writing and publishing personalized content to a website in which they own. Internal Content Creation is nothing more than a person creating the content for their website. This can refer to bloggers who blog about various subjects, or businesses that write their own articles. Although most people relate ‘content’ to blogs and articles, ‘content’ can be word, image, video, or podcast placed on a website.

At White Whale Web Design, we encourage all of our members to create content through this method and encourage those who don’t use our services to do the same for a variety of reasons. In this article we will explain the benefits of using the Internal Content Creation method versus contracting a writer to create your content for you.

Benefits of Internal Content Creation

There are many benefits not discussed in this article for using the Internal Content Creation method, but we will only discuss what we believe are most important.

The most important benefits of Internal Content Creation is the ability to show the world that you and your term are experts in the industry you serve. A website full of knowledgeable unique content is a great way to build the initial foundation of trust between you and your potential customer. This is something an outside writer may not be able to do well, the fact is, if the writer you hire knows just as much as you about the industry you serve then they would be competing against you in the same market! You and your team are the only people who know your business the best and know your clientele the best so writing your own content will show your expertise in the market and will benefit you months or even years after you have created it.

Unique quality content equals a higher Search Engine Optimization (SEO) score. Not to say that hiring a writer will not result in unique content, but unless the writer has a clear understanding of your industry he or she cannot provide you something truly unique. Search engines have one goal, and that is to provide their users with the best possible answers to the user’s questions. When the search engine crawls your website and discovers new unique content, they elevate the ranking of your website.

Another reason to write your own content internally is for content security. Imagine you just paid hundreds of dollars for an article to be written about something you believe will truly benefit your customers interests; a month later you discover that a competitor has the exact same article on his website. This is a growing trend in the marketspace where writers write an article for a particular client and then sell that same article to many other clients around the world to maximize their time investment. Now I’m not saying that the writers are doing something bad or illegal (unless they are contract bound), they also need to make a living within their profession, but this type of activity does not benefit you or your business. Search Engines are quick to pick up when websites have duplicate content and will quickly downgrade your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) score.

Apart from saving valuable money and having more flexibility to write and post with ease, perhaps one of the biggest benefits to Internal Content Creation is the ability to tell the world your WHY through your content. The term WHY refers to the recent book review we posted this month called “Start With WHY” by Simon Sinek, but in short, WHY relates to your voice, the reason why you are in business, and the reason why customers should choose you over a competitor. By writing all of your content internally, you get the unique opportunity to talk directly to your potential customers which in-tern means your 24-hours salesman (your website) is truly working for and not against you.

Tip #1: The Best Way to Get Blog Ideas is to Look for the Answer Within Your Company

If you are stumped at just the thought of writing your own content internally, of course the best way to get your momentum going is to start by deciding what subjects you want to write about. If you have a sales team, this task will be much easier to accomplish, if not you can still look within your company to get ideas.

For those who already an established internal sales team, the best way to get subject ideas is to ask your sales team what questions customers have been asking them the most. Everyday sales personnel answer hundreds of questions whether small and insignificant or large and potentially land a sale, all of these questions can be used to create blog ideas. For example, at White Whale Web Design we employed this exact method to determine what blogs we wanted to focus on. Within an hour, we had 20 blog ideas that we could expand on and after discovering what our blog subjects were going to be about, we could start talking about what content we wanted to include in each one.

For those who do not have a sales team, you can still look internally for blog subject ideas, but you will also need to do some more research to get a good list of potential subjects. At White Whale Web Design, we use this method amongst others to guide our members through successful internal content creation with incredible success. If you are an ambitious entrepreneur who is stepping into a one-person business model, then sit down in a quiet room with a pencil and piece of paper and start writing down all the questions you think you would have if you were in the market to buy your product of services. If you are a small business with only a few employees, you can all do this task and then talk about all the questions written down individually. Once you have a small group of questions together, go to the search engines and start typing in those questions to see what results appear. You can also go to the website Quora as well to search questions that potential customers are asking.

Tip #2: Update! Update! Update!

Once you have a few blogs out in the web world, the best way to continuously provide the best content to your customers and the search engines is to update your content every few months.

Whether this be a blog or an “About Us” page, refreshing your content every 3 months shows the search engines that there is activity on a website. With more activity on your website, the search engine will pick up on these content adjustments and may trust your website more than others with older content. This activity will in turn raise your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) score significantly.

Tip #3: Quality over Quantity!

Many will tell you that if you continue to push out more content into the web space, then you will naturally raise your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) score, but this is only partially true. Yes, if you create more content then its more for people to read, more content for search engines to crawl but this doesn’t mean your customers are benefiting from what you are saying.

At the end of the day, if your customers think your content is of poor quality, then they see your business as poor quality. Writing fewer, more in-depth, more helpful, quality content will help answer your customer questions, but chances are they will also want your product or service as well. John Lassiter once said “Quality is the best business plan.” If you can create quality content, it will work dividends for you year after year.

Tip #4: Keywords Matter!

Although our focus is to provide our potential customers with quality information, we also have to consider the fact that the information is unless we can get the information in front of them; this is where keywords come in. At White Whale Web Design, we perform a complete Keyword Analysis every quarter for our members, because unless you know what your doing and you have the time to devote to such a task, this can be painfully tedious.

A quick way to complete a high-level Keyword Analysis, is to use free software such as Moz, Keyword Discovery, SpyFu, or SEOMonitor just to name a few. Many of these software’s offer a free trial that you can use to get you started. Once you have your keyword list, you can write them down on a Post-It note and stick it to the computer monitor so you can have a constant reminder. If you are committed to creating quality content for the long term, it may be beneficial to have an in-depth keyword analysis run quarterly so you can focus on the content creation.

Tip #5: Links Are King!

You may have heard the saying “content is king”, and in many cases content does increase your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) score significantly, but links provide more SEO power than content could ever produce. A website “PageRank” is a score normally provided between 0 and 100 and determines how trustworthy your website is to other websites. For example, if your website has a backlink from a website with very low SEO, then this can bring down your PageRank. However, if your website has a link from a website that has a high SEO ranking, then that can be considered a good link and can improve your PageRank. This is because search engines want quality and relevant information to display to their users, and if a website they consider to be a great website is linking to your website, then they are more likely to trust you too and raise your SEO score.

Besides all of the technical jargon, linking is relatively easy to understand. Linking within your website is incredibly important to the search engines and users who are maneuvering around your website. A great way to help your users find the information they need is to include links within your blog articles. For example, we include many links within this blog to help you maneuver through pages that help you obtain a more in-depth understanding of the information you need. Search engines when crawling the webpage will also follow those links, so they can index them and provide them in Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).

Wrapping It Up

After reading this article, you may be thinking one on two things. You may be excited to put some or all of these tips to work on your website or you may be overwhelmed at the daunting task of managing your own website and running your business. This is where we step in to offer our support! At White Whale Web Design our mission is give you the ability to be truly successful, because we know that we are only successful when our members are successful. With that said, we are a proud small business that strives to keep Honesty and Transparency at the core of our foundation and we are ready to help you take your business to the next level.

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