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Creating A Blog From Scratch

Published: January 19, 2019

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Creating a blog from scratch can feel like an overwhelming task, but we are here to tell you that YOU CAN DO THIS!

Creating blog on your website has several lasting benefits for you and your business including establishing credibility, building trust between your brand and potential customers, developing and maturing your personal brand and it can be a driving force for search engine optimization.

Use our step-by-step guide below to establishing a blog presence on your website and start growing your brand into a powerhouse of knowledge and expertise.

Define Your Purpose

Before starting a blog, first define why you are making a blog in the first place. Ultimately any blog made by a business is developed to drive sales, however defining a purpose means digging deep and understanding specifically what your blog is going to mean to the end user. For example, our blog is developed with the purpose of educating business owners about all aspects of marketing including websites, search engine optimization, social media and advertising. You may be creating your blog to answer common customer questions, to share your experiences and stories, or to provide step-by-step do-it-yourself guides. Whatever your purpose is, define it before moving onto the next step.

Find Inspiration

Before you start writing, begin your blog creation process with researching. Who else is writing blogs with a similar purpose to you? For example, we consistently research similar blogs to ours by simply typing “marketing education blogs” in Google and instantly a list of marketing education blogs appears in the search engine results page. The reason for researching is not to see who your competition is, on the contrary researching allows you to see what others are doing in your industry or field and by reading similar blogs you gain inspiration for writing your own!

Start Brainstorming

Now that you have a purpose and some blogging inspiration, it’s time to figure out specifically what each article is going to be about. The best way to get the juices flowing is to the find a quiet comfortable place for an hour or so. Turn your phone off, close the laptop and grab a pen and a piece of paper. Now that you are free from distractions, write down anything that comes to mind when you think about your blog. These can include questions you often get asked by customers, experiences you want to share, educational material or even ebooks. Whatever your blog topics are, make sure you are passionate about them!

Set Some Goals

Without goals, as humans we are just wandering around this earth heading nowhere. When starting a blog, it is important to set specific, realistic short term and long terms goals. For example, a long-term goal could be to write 20 blogs in a year and publishing them on your website. A short-term goal could be to define the topic or subject of all 20 blogs by the end of them month. By setting long-term goals and then short-term goals designed to meet the long-term goals, success is almost inevitable.

Put Pen to Paper

Now you know the overarching purpose and goals for your blog, you have some inspiration from similar blogs and you have a few blog topics in mind, now its time to start writing. Each blog should be no less than 500 words each and should be built for quality and not necessarily quantity. Blogs that appear on the first page of Google generally have between 1,000 and 2,000 words. You don’t have to start with these types of blogs, but eventually writing longer more valuable blogs will have a positive SEO effect on your website.

Market Your Creation

Once you publish your blogs, its time to start sharing that content to all of your marketing channels including email campaigns and social media accounts.

Manage Expectations

If you have a relatively small website, an equally small marketing budget and an even smaller SEO footprint, it is going to take some time for your blogs to start making an impact on your business. Quality blogs generally take 6-12 months to start impacting the amount of traffic on your website. Be patient, work hard and you will be successful!

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