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Facebook Chatbots

Published: January 19, 2019

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Did you know that website chatbots such as the Facebook Messenger Chatbot are all the rage in 2019?

For those of you who are not familiar with what chatbots are, the industry generally defines them as an interface that responds immediately to an input. Most of the time you will see them in the bottom right corner of a website (as you can we use one on this page 😉).

Chatbots are generally seen on business websites with less than 20 employees as a way to manage customer inquiries; in fact, small businesses make up over 40% of chatbot usage and its easy to see why. Chatbots are useful for answering the simple questions website visitors ask such as “what are your operating hours?”, “what are your prices?” and “what services do you offer”. A nice advantage to deploying Chatbots on your website is the ability to pre-upload answers to common questions and then reroute the conversation to live person when asked by the user.

Chatbots have proved to be a valuable sales tool, but you don’t have to pay $19.99 a month to deploy them on your own website! Introducing the Facebook Chatbot. Free to anyone who has a Facebook Business page!

Want the Facebook Chatbot on your website? Follow the instructions below to start using the Facebook Chatbot today!

Deploying the Facebook Chatbot

In order to use the Facebook Chatbot, you need to already have a Facebook Business Page have access the HTML Code and have an SSL Certificate (HTTPS) installed on your website. Don’t have a Facebook Business Page? Click on this link to read Facebook Business Setup Instructions. If you use a WordPress, Wix or some other Content Management System and don’t have access the code, we can help! Schedule Your Free Consultation Now.

Whitelist the Domain Name of the Website

For security reasons Facebook requires that all websites using the Facebook Chatbot to have an SSL Certificate. The easiest way to tell if your website has an SSL Certificate is to see if your website has an https:// in front of the website domain name. To whitelist your domain name follow these steps:

1. Open your Facebook Business Page

2. Click “Settings” located on the top-right-side of the navigation bar at the top of the page.

3. Select “Messenger Platform” on the list.

4. Scroll down to the section named “White-listed domains”

5. Add your full domain name into this section

6. Click “save”

Add the Facebook SDK Script to Each Page of Your Website

To enable the Facebook Chatbot on your website, you will need to add two snippets of code to the HTML code of each page. First, is the Facebook SDK. Copy the code below and paste it to the bottom of each page right before the second "body" tag.

sdk code

Add the Facebook Plug-in Code to Each Page of Your Website

The second snippet of code you need to add to HTML code of each page is the Facebook Plug-in. Copy and paste the code below directly below the code added in the step above. Replace the “YOUR PAGE ID HERE” with your unique Facebook ID in quotations (“”).

chat code

To find your unique Facebook ID first go to your Facebook Business Page. Then select “About” in the menu on the left-hand side of the screen. Scroll down to the “Page ID” section.

That’s it! If you followed these steps correctly you should now be able to save and re-upload your page and the Facebook messenger chatbot should greet you with a “Hi! How can we help you?” in the bottom right-hand-side of your website.

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