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The 3 Important Basics of SEO

Published: February 04, 2019

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a concept that baffles the most confident and educated business owner, but with good reason. To most, search engine optimization consists of choosing the right keywords and having an informative website, however SEO actually consists of over 200 individual factors, most not even on the radar of most marketing agencies.

To avoid confusion, the feeling of being overwhelmed and the dreadful Binge Reading Disorder we are going to break down the 3 most basic of SEO basics that every business should have down if you even want to have a chance at being seen on Google.

You Must Have Some Type of Online Presence to Promote

This first SEO basic seems like a no brainer, but in the world of increasing social media pages, websites and blogs it’s sometimes difficult to decide what you should be trying to promote on Google.

The answer is, you just need something that is live on the internet for others to use. If your budget is extremely limited and you run most of your business through Facebook, then your Facebook Business Page is your promotion product, likewise, if you have a website (even if it’s just a landing page) then that becomes your primary promotional product above everything else.

Create & Actively Manage Your Google Business Account

Google Business is the single most important aspect to Local Search Engine Optimization. Having a Google Business account enables you to appear on Google Maps and Google Knowledge Graphs. Google Business also improves your image by allowing you to display your services, reviews, photos, videos and office tours.

Many small business owners are afraid of creating Google Business accounts because they work out of a home office and don’t want their address to become public knowledge. Google agrees and when verifying your address, Google will ask you if you want the street address to be hidden. This enables you to show up on Google without giving away your specific address.

Your Website Has To Have At These Four Things

Now just because your website needs to have at least these four specific things does not mean you need to have at least four pages in your website. Actually, you can include these things in a simple landing page and achieve similar results to the six to ten-page websites.

The first thing you need to tell people is Who You Are. There are over 600 million websites across the globe from small businesses, corporations, non-profits and of course the not so great websites like scammers, malicious websites and illegal websites. In 2019, it is incredibly important to build trust between you and your potential client the first time they interact with you, and most of the time that will be on the internet. Whether you have a website, Facebook Business Page, Instagram Business Page or LinkedIn, make sure that people can learn about you, your company and give them a reason to trust you.

The second thing you need to tell people is What You Are All About. This may sound similar to Who You Are, but this is actually a different section of your online presence. This is the section where you explain your mission statement, purpose, your values and charitable/organizational contributions. This is the section that tells people you are a member of your local Chamber or Commerce and you volunteer at the local humane society on Saturdays. This section is also reserved for Why You Do What You Do and the philosophy behind your product or service.

Next is to tell people What You Offer. Countless websites have a beautiful design, good content and sometimes even a very valuable blog, but fail to tell us what you are offering. Be specific about what you offer, give the details and if able include the prices of those offerings. If people don’t know what you are offering, then they don’t have a reason to interact with you.

Finally, you have to be clear about How Do I Get It. On the flip side, many websites offer many products and services but don’t define a clear way of purchasing, this is often done by using a “Call-To-Action”. If you have products that can be shipped or picked up, have an eCommerce website that offers a secure purchasing process. If you offer services, tell your audience how to sign up, reserve there spot, or downright purchase those services. Common ways are sign up forms, calendar portals to set up appointments or a phone number to call. Do what makes sense for your business.

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