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They Ask You Answer: Book Discussion

Published: March 7, 2018

Marcus Sheridan’s book They Ask You Answer is perfect for those brave enough to take the dive into the adventures of entrepreneurship. Based on a young entrepreneur, Marcus Sheridan and his business partners, Marcus (who acts as the narrator) describes his journey from starting a small pool installation company with little experience to becoming one of the most recognized pool installation companies in the world. Marcus’s success story it attributed to one simply tactic, educating potential customers. He does this by answering questions the market wants to know, thereby giving the customer confidence in purchasing a product or service.

The Author

Marcus Sheridan was born and raised in the small community of Callao, Virginia. After graduating from the University of West Virginia, Marcus was approached by two of his friends that had recently started their own swimming pool company and agreed to be their first employee until he could find a ‘real’ job. 6 months later, Marcus became the third business partner in the trio that formed River Pools and Spas and rest is history!

Marcus Sheridan created his personal blog after having incredible success with River Pools and Spas in 2009, and now he is consulting internationally for Sales and Marketing after gaining a huge following on Social Media. Marcus also conducts workshops for companies large and small who are committed to becoming leaders in their own industry and are ready to answer the hard questions their public desperately desires.

The Story

After becoming part-owner of the small swimming pool company River Pools and Spas, Marcus and his business partners found themselves facing the ugly concept of bankruptcy. Like other small businesses striving to be successful, Marcus was forced to dig deep to find a way out, where he and his friends did not end up with nothing. After trying many marketing tactics including Yellow Pages, TV, radio, billboards, etc. Marcus realized that he needed to try something different…the internet! Although at the time when River Pools and Spas was just forming, Marcus realized the public was no longer choosing products based on billboard advertisements or television commercials, they were going to the internet and that’s were this small swimming pool company needed to go as well.

One night, after working the typical entrepreneurs work week of 100 hours or more, Marcus decided to answer the questions the public wanted to know. By simply grabbing a sheet of paper and remembering all of the questions his customers had asked him everyday at work, Marcus soon had enough topics for the soon-to-be created blogs. Not only did these blogs answer questions his potential customers had, it also allowed River Pools and Spas to save money from traditional advertising. These blogs generated a higher profit while also allowing his potential customers to build a relationship with his brand.

Our Takeaways

The marketing strategy of They Ask You Answer is not one that is overwhelmingly accepted in the market, but those who do have achieved tremendous success. Marcus spends a large amount of time within this book explaining the importance of answering the ‘hard’ questions of price and competition with complete transparency on a business’s website and why businesses should not be afraid of scaring away a customer with the truth.

Although the philosophy of They Ask You Answer is not a new one, nor is it complex, this marketing strategy has been proven to work time and time again across a variety of industries, for those brave enough to try it.

Transparency is Key!

BIf you believe that telling your customers the truth will scare them away or push them into the hands of a competitor, then you need this book! To build a long-lasting relationship with a customer based on respect and trust, transparency must be at the forefront of your marketing model.

Talk About The ‘Big 5’ With Confidence On Your Website

Price and Costs, Problems, Verses and Comparisons, Reviews and Best in Class

Don’t Practice Ostridge Marketing

What does an Ostridge do when a problem arises? It buries its head into the sand!

Don’t Be Afraid to Use Your Content to Determine Compatibility

Don’t be afraid to tailor your content to a specific market that may cause some customers that are not a perfect fit your company to go elsewhere. For example, if a customer that visits your website is only driven by price and your business is not the cheapest around, then no matter what you tell them, they are not going to be a customer you want to build a solid relationahip with.

Write with Confidence, Even If You’re Not an Author

You don’t have to be a professional content writer or an author to answer your potential customers questions. We are proud to say that at White Whale Web Design our blogs are written by the people who know our company best and truly want to answer the questions of our market and you can do the same too!

The Challenge

We obviously want you to go out and buy this incredible book that we are happy to give a perfect 5-star rating to. But our challenge for you is something that could help your business right now. Do what we did, grab a piece of paper and think of 20 questions a protentional customer has asked you, especially those questions that you seem to here from potential customers all of the time. Write down those questions and now you instantly have 20 blogs you could post to your website this week!

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