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Why White Whale?

Published: February 17, 2018

To celebrate the creation of our first blog post it only makes sense to write about the animal that highlights our business name, the Beluga Whale. In this article we will simply provide you with some interesting facts about our artic friend, and then describe how we strive to truly live up to the mammal that represents the quality of our brand.

Beluga Whales Travel In Pods That Can Reach Up To A 1000 Strong

When Beluga Whales travel, they travel together and when times get tough they remain loyal to their fellow pod members. It is particularly important for Beluga Whales to remain loyal to their pod, because of their love for social interaction.

At White Whale Web Design our team understands the importance of communication with our members (our Pod). Although our company’s skill focus is in website design and management we are first a company that is in the people business, and having an open line of communication for all of our members continues to be at the core of our strategy.

At White Whale Web Design, we also believe is participating in community events and accepting community service opportunities whenever possible. We have a passion for giving back to not only our local communities but also participating in domestic and global disaster relief charities, and humanitarian causes.

Although it is not our goal to advertise our time or money donations outside our company owned domains, it is always our goal to help charities and non-profit organizations that we support through our available channels. Like our artic friends we believe that the only way to succeed is to stick together and support each other in the good times and bad.

Beluga Whales Are Smaller Than Other Whales

On average Beluga Whales have a body length between 15 to 18 feet long and can weigh on average between 3,000 to 3,500 pounds. Compared to the famous Humpback Whale the Beluga Whale is typically 60% shorter and make up only 5% of the Humpback Whale’s weight.

Beluga Whales are smaller than other Whales and do not have the noticeable dorsal fin which allows them to swim beneath the ice with ease. At White Whale Web Design, we are proud to be a small, privately owned company with a global reach because this gives us the ability to remain agile in market that is growing and changing faster and faster every day.

We not only strive to learn from others within the market, but to also lead the market in workplace culture, website design, and website management. By keeping our business small, we have more opportunities to tailor our services to our members needs and remain innovative in our market.

When you call White Whale Web Design to speak to your Development Mentor, you do not have to dial a 1-800 number or give your account details to an automated machine. Every incoming call is a direct phone call to a real person and in the instance where leaving a voicemail is required, you can expect to receive a return call in a timely manner.

By choosing White Whale over the much larger Humpbacks, you can rest assured that your Development Mentor will always have an ear to the market and will remain educated in the latest website designs and management strategies.

A Beluga Whale Can Turn Its Head Side-To-Side And Up-And-Down

Unlike many other Whales and Dolphins, the seven vertebrae in the White Whale’s neck are not fused together. This allows the Beluga Whale to turn its head from side to side with out physically turning its body allowing the whale to have more visibility in its surroundings.

At White Whale Web Design we make it a priority to not allow our decisions to be based on tunnel vision, especially when we are making a decision that will affect a client's website. We make it a priority to see the whole picture before taking action and discussing all planned adjustments to a website with the client before making changes.

We also think it’s important to understand all aspects of the market we work in. Although our business strategy is focused on offering services for Website Design, Website Management and Search Engine Optimization, we want to be able to answer all of your questions with confidence. For this reason, we research and test marketing strategies continuously and strive to create and maintain relationships with experts and businesses in our industry as well as other industries.

Beluga Whales Are Vocal

Beluga Whales are very vocal animals. Observers have witnessed White Whale communicate through whistles, clicks and moos as well as mimicking other animals and even humans! It has been recorded on several occasions that Beluga Whales will pick up on specific words and when mimicking those words, it can sound exactly like another human.

Beluga Whales like to talk and we do too! We pride ourselves on writing blog articles and creating video blogs whenever possible. We regularly use the form at the bottom of our home page as discussion topics for our blogs, and encourage visitors to ask multiple questions so we can answer the questions that matter to you.

Although our blog page mainly answers questions regarding Website Design or Search Engine Optimization related questions, we also review leadership and business books and create blogs providing tips related to how we started our business to inspire entrepreneurs and hobbists. We encourage all members to spend some time reading our blogs and asking us your questions before signing up so you can make sure we are the right business for you and your team.

Beluga Whales Are Incredibly Friendly

Beluga Whales are one of the friendliest animals in the sea; because of their social nature these White Whales enjoy interacting with other friendly mammals and overall love to have fun!

We base our culture around the fun attitude of the Beluga Whale. We love what we do, we love helping people and our business reflects this through the service we provide. When working with our team, we want your experience with us to be an enjoyable experience, and strive everyday to make this an experience you won't regret.

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