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Facebook Business Hacks

Published: February 19, 2019

Facebook has been around for over a decade and yet we are still learning the new little features the creators developed to help businesses strategically market themselves on the social media platform.

The majority of business owners rarely spend the time to learn these unique features and others know of the features but don’t use them because they are not confident in their ability to use them, they don’t have time to learn, or the they simply don’t see them as a profit source.

It’s true, unless you have an eCommerce store, advertise through Facebook Ads or use Facebook as a platform for a small side-hustle, the world’s largest social media platform is not going to be a direct source of significant profitability. However, when a business owner uses a strategic marketing mindset, the possibilities of Facebook Business are endless!

Let’s take a look at five Facebook features that will become available when you start marketing your business strategically.

Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights is arguably the biggest advantage businesses have when determining how their marketing strategy is performing on social media. Insights tracks not only the amount of people that visited your Facebook Business Page, it also gives you high level overview of what content they interacted with, how many videos they watched, as well as how many likes and comments your page received. This data can be used to determine what content performs the best; likewise, you can see what content failed to meet your marketing goals.

So, why does it matter? Aren’t we just to supposed to post on Facebook to keep a “presence” so we look like a legitimate business?

You may not say that out loud, but you wouldn’t be the first to have this thought. The answer is NO! Gone are the days that Social Media accounts and websites are developed to “just have a presence”.

In a world where social media is overcrowded, and everyone is fighting for 5 minutes in the spotlight, it is important more now then ever to have an active social media account that is focused on driving results rather than just an online billboard for your company. Facebook Insights is the first step to figuring out which post are performing well.

Pages to Watch

Pages to Watch is located just underneath the main Facebook Insights dashboard in the tab labeled “Insights”. Pages to Watch is an efficient way to do competitor analysis on businesses similar to yours in your market.

Pages to Watch provides continuous up-to-date tracking on how many people follow your competitors pages and how many posts they create each week and what the engagement rate of those posts are.

From a high level, Pages to Watch doesn’t seem like much, but what you are trying to grow your business on Social Media, have an autonomous “fly-on-the-wall” of your competitors can be instrumental to your success.

Pin Post to Top of Page

This feature is pretty self-explanatory, but its worth talking about. Have you ever wondered how to get the most people to see a particular important post that you posted over a week ago? By now, its probably hidden under other more recent posts and can be difficult for others to find. Introducing a significant feature of Facebook Business!

The Pin to Top of Page feature gives the editor or admin the ability to pin an important post to the top of the Facebook Business page so everyone can see it no matter what else gets posted to the account.

Invite Engaged Viewers

This feature turns out to be one of the best ways to grow your Facebook community. This is how it works:

First, you post content on your Facebook Business Account and a follower of your account “shares” the post on their timeline thus making it visible to all of their friends.

Second, someone who isn’t following you likes or comments on the post.

Third, Facebook sends you a notification telling you who engaged with your post and button to automatically invite them to follow your business page.

That’s it! Its super easy and other than pressing a button, Facebook does most of the work for you.

Facebook Pixel

The goal of any Facebook Business account should be to ultimately benefit the business in which it is representing. Facebook Pixel, makes it easy to see how much your Facebook presence is influencing the success of your business.

In the settings section of your Facebook Business page you can retrieve the Facebook Pixel tag (much like a Google Analytics tag) to add to the code of your website. Once installed, every website visitor is tracked much like Google Analytics giving you insight into how effective you Facebook Business account it to the success of your business.

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