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The Ultimate Guide to Pinterest Facts and Statisitics

Published: April 27, 2019

    User Interaction & Demographics

  1. 250 million people use Pinterest every month. (Pinterest)

  2. 80% of Pinterest users access Pinterest on a mobile device. (Pinterest)

  3. 50% of Pinterest users are located in the United States. (Pinterest)

  4. More than 50% of Pinterest new sign-ups come from men. (Pinterest)

  5. Pinterest users generally use the platform to actively seek helpful advice and inspiring ideas. (Pinterest)

  6. 29% of United States adults use Pinterest. This is fourth behind other platforms including: YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. (Pew Research)

  7. 41% of United States women use Pinterest. (Pew Research)

  8. 34% of Pinterest users in the United States are between the ages of 18 and 29 years old, 34% are between 30 and 49 years old, 26% are between 50 and 64 years old and 16% are older than 65 years old. (Pew Research)

  9. 32% of Pinterest users in the United States are white, 23% are black and 23% are Hispanic. (Pew Research)

  10. 40% of Pinterest users in the United States are college graduates. (Pew Research)

  11. 31% of Pinterest users in the United States live in a suburban environment, 29% live in an urban environment and 28% live in rural areas. (Pew Research)

  12. Pinterest users typically spend 27% or more on home décor. (Pinterest)

  13. Pinterest users save over 2 million travel ideas a day on the platform. (Pinterest)

  14. Pinterest users spend 45% more on holiday gifts and décor than non-pinners. (Pinterest)

  15. Pinterest users spend 30% more on fashion than non-pinners. (Pinterest)

  16. Users spend an average of 14 minutes on Pinterest per session. (Mashable)
  17. Company Information

  18. Pinterest is owned by Cold Brew Labs (Pinterest)

  19. Development of Pinterest started in December of 2009 and launch as a closed beta app in March of 2010. (Pinterest)

  20. Pinterest operated out of a small apartment until June of 2011. (Pinterest)

  21. In 2011 Time Magazine listed Pinterest as one of its “50 Best Websites of the Year”. (Pinterest)
  22. Business & Marketing Information

  23. 93% of Pinterest users, say they use Pinterest to plan for purchases. (Pinterest)

  24. 1 of 2 people have made a purchase after seeing a promoted pin. (Pinterest)

  25. 67% of Pinners say they discovered a new brand or business from content on Pinterest. (Pinterest)

  26. Pinterest is the only social media platform that can be directly related to generating revenue for businesses large and small. (Pinterest)

  27. Top categories searched on Pinterest include arts, hobbies, flowers, food, gifts, and home/garden. (Statista)

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