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The Ultimate Guide to Twitter Facts and Statisitics

Published: April 27, 2019

    User Interaction & Demographics

  1. Twitter demographics have veered toward younger generations since its inception with 36% of users being between the ages of 18 and 29. In comparison 23% of Twitter users are between the ages of 40 and 49 years old. (Sprout Social)

  2. As of January 2018, 24% of males and 25% of females use Twitter. (Sprout Social)

  3. Twitter ranks #2 in Social Media Awareness as of February 2018 with 87% national brand awareness. Twitter is only beaten by Facebook in this category with 94% national brand awareness. (Statista)
  4. Company Information

  5. In the second quarter of 2018, Twitter generated 710.5 million dollars. This is up from 664.87 million in quarter one of 2018, but down from 731.56 million in quarter four of 2017, Twitter’s all time most profitable quarter on record. (Statista)

  6. Twitter’s worldwide advertising revenue has increased every year since 2014. In 2014 Twitters worldwide advertising revenue was 1.06 billion, in 2017 it was 2.93 billion and 2018 is projected to be 3.68 billion. (Statista)

  7. Twitter’s Founder and CEO is Jack Dorsey. (Twitter)

  8. Twitter’s mission is “to make the world a better place by harnessing the positive power of Twitter. We embrace this goal through civic engagement, volunteerism, and partnerships with charities around the world. Our company embraces this mission by focusing our support where we can make the greatest impact.” (Twitter)

  9. Twitters Election Integrity information can be found here.
  10. User Interaction

  11. As of June 2018, there are 335 million twitter accounts, up from 330 million in December of 2017. (Statista)

  12. Over 500 million Tweets are sent every day (about 8,200 every second). (Internet Live Stats)

  13. As of July 2018, Twitter ranks #4 in most-used social media apps behind Facebook, Instagram and Facebook Messenger. (Statista)

  14. Twitter is one of the only major social media platforms with a declining user projection in the United States. In 2017 Twitter has 28.2% United States market penetration, in 2022 Twitter is expected to have 26.1% market penetration and decline of 2.1% or potentially 6.93 million users. (Statista)

  15. 80% of active Twitter users, access the site via a mobile device. (Twitter)

  16. The average user has 707 Twitter followers, up 340% since 2012. (KickFactory)

  17. Only 21% of Twitter accounts are from the United States. (Twitter)

  18. Over 1.3 billion Twitter accounts have been created. Of those, 44% left the cancelled their account before ever sending a Tweet. (Slash Gear)

  19. The most retweeted Tweet has 3.65 million retweets. See it here.
  20. Business & Marketing Information

  21. Businesses marketing on Twitter through company profiles have not had consistent growth month-over-month. In August 2017 brands experienced growth of 0.6%, in November businesses experienced growth of 0.2% and in December it rose to 0.8%. (Statista)

  22. The average brand posts anywhere between 2 to 10 times everyday depending on industry. Non-profits tend to post more per day than for-profit brands. (Statista)

  23. More specifically, 92% of companies Tweet more than once per day, 42% Tweet 1-5 times per day, and 19% of companies Tweet 6-10 times per day. (AdWeek)

  24. As of June 2018, YouTube is the most popular brand on Twitter with 72.3 million followers, followed closely by CNN Breaking News with 55.06 million followers. Overall news and media brands display a strong presence on the social media platform. (Statista)

  25. 77% of Twitter users feel more positive about a brand when their Tweet has been replied to. (Twitter)

  26. Tweets with images get 150% more retweets. (Agorapulse)

  27. The average Twitter user follows at least 5 businesses. (Social Caffeine)

  28. The last two years have seen an increase of 2.5x in customer service through Twitter. (Twitter)

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