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What Is The Search Engine Volatility Sensor?

The Search Engine Volatility Sensor designed and provided by SEMrush tracks daily changes in Google’s search engine results pages to monitor signs that could indicate an update in the Google Algorithm. Google is constantly updating its algorithm, so changes in the search engine rankings is fairly normal on a daily basis. The Search Engine Volatility Sensor tracks these daily ranking adjustments and analyzes real-time data to pin-point when too much activity means a Google induced algorithm adjustment.

Daily Total Market Sensor

The Daily Total Market Sensor, is a broad pulse on all activity within the Google Search Engine. The Sensor ranks activity on a 10-point scale. A score between 0-2 indicates lower than usual activity, between 2-5 indicates the activity within normal range, 5-8 indicates higher than usual activity and 8-10 indicates very high activity within the rankings. The higher the score, the more websites are moving up and down on the search engine results pages and when the score reaches above 8, that usually indicates that Google has pushed out an new algorithm update.

Volatility Sensor By Catagory

The Search Engine Volatility Sensor can be viewed as a whole or by category. Below is the Search Engine Volatility Sensor broken down into categories. Note that more than one of these categories can have an effect on your websites search engine rankings. When looking for the graph that best represents your website, think about what types of words someone would type into the Google search engine in order to find your website or websites similar to yours.

Arts & Entertainment

Autos & Vehicles

Beauty & Fitness

Books & Literature

Business & Industrial

Computers & Electronics


Food & Drink



Hobbies & Leisure

Home & Garden

Internet & Telecom

Jobs & Education

Law & Government


Online Communities

People & Society

Pets & Animals

Real Estate






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