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Facebook Post Boosting

Facebook Post Boosting

Boost your post allows you to expand your reach beyond your current audience. When you select to boost a post, you can target the audience you wish you reach or simply target people who like your Page. Unfortunately, boosting your post is not free. However, you control how much you wish to spend and you won’t have to worry about going over budget.

Facebook Post Boosting is not considered Facebook Advertising. For long term success, we advise using a Facebook Advertising strategy.

TIP: Using Page Insights for Boost, is a great tool to help determine which posts you should target to which audience.

Steps To Post Boosting

1. Choose the post you want to boost

If you want to boost a post you are currently drafting, you can select "boost post" in the bottom right-hand-side of the posting window.

2. Target Your Audience

After selecting "boost post", an audience targeting menu will appear. Choose from the menu options to customize your posts audience targeting.

3. Set A Budget

The team at Facebook has put great emphasis on making post boosting a low risk advertising option. After setting you audience target options, Facebook will have you set a budget (per day) for your new campaign. The minimum daily campaign budget is $1.00.

4. Set Campaign Duration

After setting your budget, you will prompted to set a campaign duration. This is how long your campaign will run for at your daily budget you set in the previous step.

5. Review Post

This is the last oppertunity you will have to make any revisions to your post before it goes live on the Facebook Platform. Check your post for spelling and grammatical errors as well as confirm your budget and duration limits.

6. Choose a Payment Option

After your campaign is complete, Facebook will charge the payment option you select in this step.

7. Boost Your Post

That's it! Your post is now on its way to engaging with your targeted Facebook Audience.

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