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Social Media Guide

Which Social Media Platform Is Right For You?

Not all social media platforms will benefit all businesses, however a business managing the right platforms and using those platforms how they were designed to be used can drive profit and business growth. So, which social media platform should your business be on? Well we have created this guide to show you which social media platforms benefit some businesses and place other businesses at a disadvantage. We have included data for the top social media platforms that benefit businesses the most including: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.


Instagram Primary Audience

Owned by Facebook, Inc. as of 2018, Instagram has over 800 million active users. Like Facebook, Instagram has been flooded with traffic of all ages and demographics but Instagram’s primary audience continues to be the younger crowd ranging from 18-29 year old’s.

Instagram Is Best For...

Instagram is best used for posting photos, video and gifs. The social media platform can be used to showcase company events, public relations images, and behind-the-scenes photos and videos.

Instagram Customer Communication

Over 80% of users on the platform voluntarily follow brands that connect with their interests. The best way to engage with customers on Instagram is through constant engagement with original content and the use of proper hashtags.

Instagram Brand Exposer

Instagram is not known for its ability to grow the brand exposer of small businesses. Instagram does allow users to “share” or “repost” images, but this practice is not common. Companies that have an established brand can grow a following fairly quickly and continue to engage that following for brand loyalty purposes.

Instagram Site Traffic Influence

Instagram does not allow links to be embedded directly into posts, however on the Instagram business page, you can embed a link to the company website and a short bio. Instagram business also includes call and email buttons for direct communication.

Instagram Search Engine Optimization

Instagram links have been signaled within the Google Algorithm. However, these links do not carry any SEO value, meaning they do not count as backlinks.

Instagram Top Performers

Instagram top performers include B2C brands that sell physical products. Instagram can help grow businesses with Instagram Advertising, including ads that are directly linked to website purchase pages.


Pinterest Primary Audience

Pinterest is owned by Cold Brew Labs, Inc. and has over 175 million users, however only 75 million users reside in the United States. At first glace Pinterest is the smallest social media platform in our guide with the lowest following in the United States, however Pinterest is one of the only social media platforms linked with direct return on investment. Pinterest’s primary audience are women, crafters and foodies.

Pinterest Is Best For...

Pinterest, like Instagram is great for “pinning” photos, videos and graphics. Pinterest is also an active blog posting platform, although all blogs must be accompanied by a main photo.

Pinterest Customer Communication

Pinterest can be used to showcase public relations related images, although his may not be ideal for all business structures.

Pinterest Brand Exposer

Pinterest is great for businesses with high visual elements and brand exposer can be great for those businesses actively posting images of products.

Pinterest Site Traffic Influence

Pinterest is one of the only platforms directly linked with driving traffic to a particular website. Proper use of keywords, compelling images and links can drive traffic to the company website.

Pinterest Search Engine Optimization

Pinterest is not best used as an SEO tool. Pinterest links do not carry any SEO value, meaning they do not count as backlinks.

Pinterest Top Performers

B2C businesses favor Pinterest more than the B2B business. According to a recent study, 69% of Pinterest users are women, and 70% of Pinterest users are there for shopping inspiration. For businesses that fit this profile, Pinterest can be used to tap into a very lucrative market.


LinkedIn Primary Audience

LinkedIn, a social media network now owned by Microsoft is supported by over 500 million users. To put is simply, LinkedIn is a social media network for professionals. LinkedIn is used by small businesses owners, vice presidents, chief executive officers, marketing directors, financial advisors and even college students looking to jumpstart their career and connect with other professionals.

LinkedIn Is Best For...

LinkedIn Business is best used for sharing company news, product and service information and testimonials/reviews. According to a recent study 40% of business-to-business (B2B) buyers say LinkedIn is important to researching technologies, products and services to purchase.

LinkedIn Customer Communication

LinkedIn Business is not necessarily essential when engaging with customers or professionals. For small businesses, a personal LinkedIn account will hold greater value when networking with other professionals or prospective clients. For businesses that have a team or several employees, LinkedIn Business is beneficial in terms of having company-linked LinkedIn accounts actively participating in LinkedIn groups to answer industry-related questions.

LinkedIn Brand Exposer

LinkedIn is excellent for personal branding and exhibiting professional confidence. For businesses LinkedIn Businesses is exposed the most the personal actively involved LinkedIn accounts link to the LinkedIn Businesses account.

LinkedIn Site Traffic Influence

Proper LinkedIn Business management and active interaction with relative LinkedIn groups can help drive steady traffic to a website.

LinkedIn Search Engine Optimization

High page rank is almost guaranteed with in the search engine results pages. Personal LinkedIn accounts rank higher and more frequently than businesses pages, but personal LinkedIn accounts linking to the businesses website is a great way to increase a websites backlink.

LinkedIn Top Performers

LinkedIn Business is primary for B2B companies and B2B companies tend to perform better than B2C companies. According to recent study, 65% of B2B companies have acquired a client through the LinkedIn platform and 91% of B2B companies allocate time and marketing budget to LinkedIn Advertising.

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