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Social Media Advertising

What Is Social Media Advertising?

Social Media Advertising is the strategic process of driving traffic to a particular website through paid social media ads. Social Media Ads are commonly made up of photos and video advertisements. According to a 2018 study, it is estimated that over 3 billion people use some form of social media worldwide and 76% of United States consumers have said that they have purchased a product through a social media advertisement.

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Ads Vs Content

Advertsing vs Content

The difference between Social Media Advertising and Social Media Content, is that advertising is traffic generated through paid marketing rather than user uploaded content. Social Media Advertising allows the marketer to target specific demographics and reach, while content marketing only reaches those who either follow the social media account or find the content through a specific search or share.

Our Approach

Social Media Advertising is a valuable extension for any business wanting to build a revenue generating funnel with minimum risk. We approach Social Media Advertising with the same strategic process we build our websites and SEO plans out of. We first analyze the market to gain an understand of the most recent digital marketing trends specific to your industry. Next, we analyze your website in order to determine key target demographic data, website traffic trends and website conversion trends. Finally, we use all of this data to create a unique strategy aimed to get your website in front of your ideal customers while staying within your budget.

Our Approach

Social Media Advertising Options


Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising for businesses wanting to market on the worlds largest and most popular social media platform.


Instagram Advertising

Instagram Advertising for businesses with visually driven marketing goals including eCommerce products.


Instagram Advertising

Twitter Advertising for businesses wanting to increase comapany brand exposer and drive website traffic.

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