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The SEO Suite

The SEO Suite

The SEO Suite is our elite platform of services for businesses who are serious about their websites search engine optimization and the growth of their business through the internet. The SEO Suite includes seven independent services designed to analyze a websites detailed impact on the search engines and across the internet. The seven services included in the SEO Suite are: 24/7 Website Health Monitoring, Rank Tracking, On-Page SEO Optimizer, Brand Monitoring, Backlink Monitoring, Link Building Guidance and Content Analysis.

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Website Health Monitoring

24/7 Website Health Monitoring

24/7 Website Health Monitoring means your websites health is constantly being tracked and improved. We monitor your website in order to optimize your internal and external links, add code tags where they are missing, correct broken links and images, detect and erase error pages, find and resolve duplicate content issues and many more. We also monitor your website to detect a number of website security issues and track search engine optimization growth.

Rank Tracking

Trying to get high rankings for an important keyword? With our Rank Tracking service, you will always know what position your website ranks for in the search engines for any given keyword. This service works for local, regional, national and international keyword positions. This service also includes competitor tracking! We include a side-by-side comparison of your rankings versus your competitors’ so we can optimize the website for keywords that you may have not previously focused on.

SEO Rank Tracking
SEO Optimizer

On-Page SEO Optimizer

Keeping up with Google’s ever-changing algorithm can be challenging, but with our On-Page SEO Optimizer service, staying up to date with algorithm updates is simple. Every week, we will scan your entire website for any elements that no longer comply with Google’s guidelines. Then we will prioritize these elements and fix them so your website is always up to date and ahead of the market.

Brand Monitoring

In business brand loyalty and trust are everything. So, how is your brand being represented across the internet? With our Brand Monitoring service, we will track mentions, reviews and negative publicity about your brand across the web and then relay that information to you as soon as we find it. This gives you the opportunity to seize and capitalize on positive mentions and confront negative mentions early.

Brand Monitoring
Backilink Monitoring

Backlink Monitoring

Not all backlinks are created equal and while most backlinks boost your websites SEO, many backlinks can also hurt your websites SEO and your overall internet “trust score”. Our Backlink Monitoring service enables you to see a complete picture of your backlink profile and allows us to eliminate the backlinks that are hurting your website while giving you the opportunity to capitalize on positive backlinks.

Link Building Guidence

Getting external websites to link to your website is one of the best ways to build your websites “trust score” as well as grow your websites search engine optimization. However, finding websites to link to yours can be difficult, especially websites that have a high Domain Authority and Trust Score to help boost yours. With our Link Building Guidance service, we scan the internet for potential websites that could link to yours; this includes websites that are currently linking to your competitors. Then we will send up to 3 emails every month, asking them to link to specific content on your website. We will also send you a complete list of potential websites each month that you can contact as well.

Backlink Building
Content Analysis

Content Analysis

When it comes to content, think quality not quantity. Just because a website has thousands of words, does not mean that website has quality content that the search engines will rank. That is why keeping your content relevant and up-to-date is crucial. With our Content Analysis service, we track your contents behavior metrics (including number of sessions, session duration and bounce rate) as well as, social impact across social media platforms. We will also track keywords within the content that your website rank’s for in the search engines and provide you guidance on how to improve your content to grow your SEO.

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